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Lets Stop this together.

Let do our best to stop the people that are trying to steal your money - its big business for them.


Below are some examples of emails that when opened allow a virus to be downloaded to your computer when the computer is restarted.


Your computer will probably not show any signs of anything wrong, however if you are infected, your computer or laptop is just sitting there waiting for commands from the criminals server, normally the 1st command is to send out a copy of itself to peoples email address that you have on your system.

At this stage you just may find your internet connection slower than usual.


I recommending that should you receive any emails of this nature to simply delete them.

Some of the emails look genuine and some others dont however you shouldnt take the chance.


Here are a few tips.


Nobody would send you an invoice or document in  a Zip file.


.zip files are generally used to send a collection of files like pictures in a folder so if you have opened a zip file and it contains only 1 file inside or one folder and you open that folder and it contains only 1 file like the example shown below, it will be a virus !File Names


Notice the .exe on the end ? - This is called a file extention, this tells your computer what program to open to view it - this is a program that will execute - not a form like the title states.

Some other examples of file extensions are

.scr - normally a screensaver file that runs code on your computer when left unattended, for example, it may show your pictures on the screen untill you touch the mouse or keyboard.

.docm - Word macro which is code that executes from a word document

dotm - Word template - same as above.

xlsm - Exell spreadsheet which contains macros like Word.

xlst - Exell template - same as above.

.js - Javascript files - these execute code normally for websites.

Some .pdf files look convincing but there are vunerabilites in PDF readers that can execute code in embedded PDF documents.


This brings me to the next tip.


Keep your software up to date as well as your anti virus Software.


Please dont say "what anti virus software", if you are not sure what to do here, simply  give us a call.


Make sure you run all the windows updates and run a full system scan every so often - at least once a week.


Who are they addressing?


If you get an email from the bank or by a telephone company or somebody else that you have an account with, they will or 'should' always start the email with your name & salutation, they will now start with Dear online banking customer or dear account holder or nothing at all !!


If you are unsure - telephone the sender.


Check the spelling & Grammar


Unfortunatly the criminals are improving and learning from their mistakes as genuine emails tend to have all the correct spelling and uk companies will spell in English so be suspicious of thru, inquire, color.

A Grammar example:

You can Not reply to the bulletin by clicking on the Reply button in your email software.


do not simply 'Google' your account holder's website - make sure you type it then add it to your favourites.


Make sure that you only sign in to a website that is secured, it should have a green banner with a padlock at the end of the address looking something like this.

Secure Websites


Some sites may not have a green banner & just have a padlock on the end however if you click on it, it should give you the security certificate information - shown below is an example - either way, your details will sent over the internet in encrypted form.

Website Identification


I will be adding more tips over time so please add our site to your favouites list.


Below is a genuine link to the Uk's National Crime Agency who have released a press statment backing up what I have said unfortunatly in its efforts to combat the cybercriminals by providing guidence and tools to the public, the cybercriminals look like they are sending denial of service attacks to the site thus brining it down (503 error) these types of attacks could potentially be as a result of commands to your infected computer.


NCA Website




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