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25th May 2014

As you may or may not be aware, eBay has been hacked on the server that contains the eBay user passwords.
eBay is enforcing all it's customers to change their password to the eBay site.
What is NOT challenged, is the password that you use to get into its partner site, PayPal, which in my opinion is much more important as this has access to your bank account while eBay does not.
Don't assume that by changing your eBay password, this changes your PayPal password because it does not.
I'm advising everybody to make sure you change the password to your PayPal account as well as the eBay one.
just log into to change this.

7th March 2014

Windows XP Support XP End of Support

1 Day before the end of Microsoft support for Windows XP and your PC is already running slow on websites - Micorsoft already souring the milk.

Like a lot of people, if you hve seen but dont like Windows 8.1 you are definatly not alone.

Dont worry we can still supply new & refurbished laptops & PCs with genuine Windows 7 installed.

31st March 2013


April the 8th is not far away now - what does this mean to your computer?


If your computer is running a system prior to windows vista or Server 2008 - It means a lot.

you will no longer receive security updates and fixes, leaving your system(s) vunerable to viruses and other malware potentially causing losses, financial or reputational to your business.

Contact us to see what we can do for you.

27th April 2013 - Web Design now available

We now offer web design in association with RadRich Creative Web Design offering second to none web design allowing you to update the content yourself in an ecomerce enviroment or to simply have a page of presence just getting you out there. 

7th January 2013 - Theft from Microsoft Offices

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It has been reported that Microsoft has had a load of Apple tablets stolen over the Christmas period valued at about $3000.

They were obviously fussy on what they wanted or simply didnt want to be seen leaving with a load of Exchange Server kit that was in the same area.

6th January 2013 - New Anti Virus

We have just taken delivery of the new Norton Anti Virus 2013 which has been redesigned for compatability with Windows 8 but keeping the high standards for XP, Vista & Windows & like before.


Bring your PC or laptop in for a full check over and we will install the latest windows updates and service packs and root out any errors that are in your windows installation.


With this and the new Norton Anti Virus 2013 your computer will be running as fast a s it possibly can for the specification. 

1st January - 17th anniversary in our existing premises

A big thank you to our valued & loyal customers and our returning ones and may we take this oportunity to wish you a prospeous new year and look forward to fulfilling your requirments in 2013 and beyond

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